Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Evolution Gone Horribly Wrong

A friend of mine sent me these disturbing photos illustrating some alarming similarities between some of pop culture’s most infamous characters and their eerily similar look-alikes. Some paleontologists are calling this “irrefutable evidence” that evolutionary mutations are in fact a reality, and in some cases still haunt the human race today.

In this photo we see Hillary Clinton next to a Velociraptor, long thought to have died out during the Cretaceous period. However we see here a striking similarity between the two, particularly in the attack position seen here in both photos. Considering this new evidence of Mrs. Clinton’s apparent ancestors, we can now begin to understand the analagous behavior patterns.

While purported to be fictional, this picture of “Chucky” of Hollywood fame bears an uncanny resemblance to American Idol’s Clay Aiken. Mr. Aiken, long thought to be a shy & retiring “cub” of the gay community, apparently has quite anefarious family history. This disquieting likeness begs the question, what really happened after “Bride of Chucky” ended production? Disturbing.

This next comparison shows Michael Jackson, long known as “The King of Pop”, next to a bust of an Egyptian pharaoh. Could it be that Michael Jackson was the descendant of this ancient king/god? Note the inimitable semblance, particularly in the nose. Both are grossly deformed, & both appear to be wearing copious amounts of cosmetics. It certainly gives one pause.

Lastly, we have Flava Flav and “Stripe” from the popular eighties film “Gremlins”. Again though "professed" to be fictional, Stripe was an extremely violent and angry little monster, not unlike Flava Flav himself. Was Stripe really fictional, or could this be, dare I say it, the creature directly responsible for Mr. Flav’s very being? The likeness, particularly in the teeth, certainly begs the question. This could actually be the creature responsible for the horror, otherwise known as “Flavor of Love”.

Evil, it seems, continues to persevere.