Friday, April 1, 2011

Snakes Enter Next Phase of Invasion

Many have mocked, many have scoffed, but it appears there may be some credence to my claim that snakes are in fact, planning to take over the world.

I first raised the alarm in April of 2009 of this disturbing trend, in "Here's a Conspiracy For You". I cited the alarming increase of the python infestation in Florida, as well as an incident in Australia that was somewhat disarming. September of the same year in "Not To Say I Told You So...", I wrote about a startling recent influx of the Rock Python - a much more aggressive breed. I now have two words for you – Egyptian Cobra.

On Friday, March 25, an Egyptian Cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo.

There are many theories how this icon of evil escaped its less-than-friendly confines at the Bronx Zoo. I however have no doubts about the specifics around the so-called “escape”.

As you may recall, pythons have been known to travel distances of up to 43 miles in their lifetimes. With 1,200 miles to New York, it would take less than two months for a snake and it’s progeny to hit paydirt.

So it appears that the Cobra, aided by her minions, has been set free to lead her followers in the final assault against mankind. As we speak, the invertebrates of the world are rallying around their leader, planning for the inevitable.

The zoo is now claiming the snake has been recovered, but I’m not buying it. Obviously, the snakes have gotten to the press.

The leader of the coming apocalypse is still out there, planning.

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