Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Does Something Seem Off?

Driving to work today I just could not get over the fact that The Evil One is gone. It’s like winning the lottery! For the longest time I’ve felt an ongoing, pervasive dread I just couldn’t place. A feeling of anger and antipathy bubbling just below the surface. Today I woke up and realized something was off, because I was in a good mood. And then I remembered George W. Bush is no longer president! Yay!

Call him what you will, Satan, The Dark Lord, Beelzebub, Lord Sauron, Atilla the Hun, The Antichrist, he’s been the face of America for 8 years. A disturbingly ugly face, but a face nonetheless. Thankfully, that face is finally changing.

Just think, no more Charles Montgomery Burns evil snickering, no more bastardizations of the English language, no more redneck accent, and oh – no more killing of innocent civilians, and sending our troops to their deaths to fight a made up war based on lies. Which is a good thing.

Anyway – I just had to share my glee. I know I may seem harsh, but wow, so have been the last 8 years. I know things aren’t going to be perfect overnight, and I hope the rest of America keeps that in mind as well. We finally have a good man in office, so let’s give him the time to do a good job.

In closing, kiss my white ass George!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Were They Thinking!

Here are a few of my favorite celebrity pics from over the last year I thought I’d share. It’s always fun to mock those with much more money than myself. Besides, you leave the house looking like this, you deserve, nay, are begging to be ridiculed.

Tina Turner. I have 2 things to say about this look – “butter-face”, and “double-bagger”. While yes, everything under the turkey neck is in relatively decent shape, my God woman. Of course, we are all getting older. However, wearing costumes made for someone half your age, and a wig straight from a drag queen’s closet is not the best way to keep one’s self looking youthful and un-pathetic.

Alexis Arquette.
Speaking of drag queens… Although since her surgery in the 90’s that’s technically no longer a factual statement. This is one of the most frightening images I’ve seen all year. I think this image speaks for itself, and will most likely be burned into your memory for some time to come. Little known fact on Alexis – she played the hilarious Boy George fanatic in “The Wedding Singer” who played “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” over and over – she was hilarious! She probably would’ve been better off with that outfit than the one in this pic… Yikes.

Chaka Khan. Oh Chaka Khan, I feel for you. Whoever let you walk out on stage looking like the evil twin of the Michelin Man should be tried for crimes against the entire fashion community. Can this even be considered apparel? I mean WTF?

Tori Amos. What the hell happened? I thought she was a relatively young, hip contemporary artist. She looks like Teri Garr on acid! The hair resembles my old Raggedy-Ann doll sans braids. And that outfit – wow. Not only is it horrific, it makes her look huge! It looks like she’s on her way to a Star Trek Convention. And those boots, or whatever they are, I don’t even know where to start. Whoever sold her on this outfit has a really sick sense of humor.