Monday, December 20, 2010

When I Thought it Couldn't Get Any Worse...

I’m not usually one to harp, but Sarah, you really do drive me to the brink. Not only is she anti-environment, a homophobe, and all-around bitch, she has some very “unique” views on women’s rights.

In her recent book “America by Heart”, Palin clearly expresses disdain for contemporary feminism. In a bizarre leap devoid of logic, she concludes that modern feminism requires women to be dependent on government (of course). She describes modern feminism “Instead of being seen as fully capable of taking care of ourselves, we began to be portrayed as in constant need of protection. In the new feminist vision of America, women are perceived as constant victims of beatings by their husbands, date rape by their boyfriends, and self-induced starvation by society as a whole.”

Really?! Is that how she “perceives” the modern woman? Constant victims who practice self-induced starvation? Gee, there’s someone I want protecting women’s rights in Washington. We’re just poor fragile flowers helpless at the hands of our maniacal male overlords. This bothers me at so many levels I wouldn’t know where to start.

What planet is she living on? And of course, we can blame the liberals for this supposed “perception” of women today. What this woman will say to forward her preposterous political agenda is sickening.

She goes on to smear “liberal feminists” for “trying to convince American women that we are all victims in need of rescue by big government.” Wow - I would never have seen that opinion coming… She then cites a 1993 report which found that Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for domestic violence toward women. Palin claims that the report was false, based on her own “extensive experience” watching the Super Bowl in the presence of men, and claims the entire report to me nothing more than “a myth.” She states “These manipulations (of domestic violence statistics) do more than just serve the big-government agenda of liberal feminists; they serve the anti-woman agendas of tyrannical regimes everywhere.” Of course she does not back up her claim with any data to support this. And who the hell are these “tyrannical regimes”? Liberal women? If that’s the case, I need to start building an army and declare myself supreme ruler. That’s tyrannical regimes do right?

The only other mention in her book about domestic violence in her book is how appalled she is with how Muslim societies treat their women. Way to build bridges, Sarah. And of course, nothing like that ever happens here.
Here’s the most disgusting example of her complete indifference to women’s rights. As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin had approved city budgets stipulating that rape victims be made responsible for the costs of police rape kits collecting DNA evidence against accused rapists. How a woman who could foster such despicable ideology was chosen to represent the GOP in a federal election is disturbing at best.

Every time this woman opens her mouth more bile pours out. I’m sooooo hoping for a hunting accident in the near future.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Death Toll Rises

Not even kidding - just saw an article saying the "serial shark" has been linked to a third victim. The carnage, oh the humanity!

SyFy Channel Smells a Winner!

I came across this story by pure chance, and just couldn’t pass it up. While the main story is tragic, the details surrounding it are just ridiculous.

It’s July 4th weekend in a sleepy little town in Maine, and a safety-minded sheriff and a money-grubbing mayor butt heads on how to handle a recent shark attack. Bureaucracy wins the day, and low and behold someone else becomes human tartar for one of our aquatic neighbors. Panic ensues, slaps are thrown, and inebriated fishermen start bringing in dead sharks by the boatload. The Mayor declares the crisis over and everyone back in the water! And then, you guessed it, more human tartar.

Sound familiar? Fast forward to 12/1/10, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Over the course of two days four tourists were mauled off the coast of a world-renowned snorkeling and diving center, heading into peak season. So the government leapt into action. They closed the beaches for two days, killed two sharks, and sounded the all clear. True to fiction, within 24 hours a woman was killed by a shark while standing in chest-deep water.

The Government’s response? "We did some efforts last week but I think we failed," Salem Saleh, director of the town's Tourism Authority told TIME on Monday. So, you “did some efforts” and “think you failed”? Maybe I’m just slow, but the mangled remains of a German tourist would probably sate my need for further investigation.

When it starts to get a little weird is when investigators determined that the same shark was behind two of the killings – now dubbed the “serial shark” (of course). Apparently, unless you’re in a blockbuster movie and know someone named Quint, this NEVER happens. I wonder if they’ll give him a nickname like “The Red Sea Slasher”, or “The Red Resort Ripper”.

I mean what’s next?! Sharks in Venice? Can you imagine how awful that would be? With all the water and channels and those cute little boats… What a great movie concept! I could ask Stephen Baldwin to star and… wait, never mind.

Egypt has closed the beaches indefinitely. This of course has all the local merchants up in arms. "We're not selling masks or any flippers because the beach is closed," says Bishoy Boutros, whose inventory includes a T-shirt that reads "How 'Bout Lunch?" emblazoned over the picture of a giant shark. Because that’s not inappropriate at all.

Local explanations for the shark surge vary wildly, citing everything from climate change to the de rigueur blaming of all local calamities on alleged Israeli plots. Those Jews are tricky that way, with their trained sharks and everything. My favorite however is the sheep hypothesis. Last month, Muslims celebrated Islam's Feast of the Sacrifice, during which it is traditional for each family to slaughter a sheep - and the extra demand requires that many more sheep are imported. Ships transporting sheep were discovered to have dumped carcasses in the area, possibly drawing sharks to the area.

Perhaps it’s time to retire the ‘ole sheep slaughtering tradition, and stick with lamb chops.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glenn Beck - Showing us the "Real" Truth

Thank God for Glen Beck for showing us the light. Apparently, the impoverished citizens of our country aren’t really poor. They are just greedy bastards trying to get free shit. He has debunked the vast conspiracy that the poor and homeless are really poor and homeless. Evidently they have chosen a life of scrounging food for their children, watching their homes go into foreclosure, and sleeping in the streets.

Who is this asshole? What is he thinking? According to Beck, “When you get things for free you don’t appreciate them.” and “We shouldn’t begrudge millionaires or billionaires.”

So by his logic, those in dire need of public aid don’t appreciate it, and therefore shouldn’t get it. They just get their welfare checks, and giggle all the way to bank because they have pulled one over on the government. Really?! Is he aware that the poverty level is expected to reach at or near 15% of the population, and 20% of children will be living in poverty? Is he aware that in some parts of the country 1 out of 78 homes are facing foreclosure? It’s funny how these facts weren’t mentioned in his verbal manifesto. I wonder if he enjoys living in a crazy right-wing fantasy world like something out of a dystopian novel.

Then again, why shouldn’t he defend the rich? In April 2010, Forbes calculated Beck's earnings for the previous year (March 2009 - March 2010) to be $32 million. This jackass lives in a 6-bed, 7-bath, 6,346 sq ft mansion purchased for $4.25M, according to public records. I mean look at this place! Who the hell is he to even have an opinion on the subject?

Beck goes on to attack this “plague on society” - “We’re often told about the plight of the poor in America, and there is poverty in America, but let’s put it into perspective here. The poor in America 97% of them have television sets, 25% of those television sets are big screens. That’s poverty? 89% have a microwave. 80% have an air conditioning unit. 73% of the poor in America have a car. 64% have a washer. 57% of them have a dryer.” He goes on to say “I got news for you in other countries they’re not washing their clothes and sitting in air conditioning watching their big screen TV’s. They’re dying. That is poor.”

Luxuries like hair dryers and washers – these people should be ashamed of themselves! So what is he saying go big or go home? If you’re going to be poor you had better be living in a cardboard box? The nerve of these people, washing their clothes and not dying…

Two million Americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits by Christmas, while Glenn Beck tells us why millionaires and billionaires deserve more tax cuts. America is on pace for a record increase in poverty. According to Glenn, however, they’re just faking.

Merry fucking Christmas, asshole.